It is not easy or simple to express in a few words all the work that it is necessary to create craft “sagardoa”. When you enjoy a good glass of “sagardoa” is not easy to view all that this drink is for Basque people and all the work that it is done every day, with dedication and a lot of care. 

Behind our “sagardoa”, behind R. Zabala, you will find 200 years of craft and family history, the work of four generations that still today keep the essence to offer a good artisan product.

From our experience each “sagardoa” have a special personality. It is, therefore, a very special design work done by each “sagardogile” (producer – Designer) who transmit its own personality in its fruit, the “sagardoa”

All craft “sagardoa”, as a living being, it has own and special characteristics. We can recognize these elements whenever we drink a glass of “sagardoa”. In that moment, the “sagardoa” starts a conversation with us, to explain us who it is and how it is been created. It’s time to prepare all our senses to listen what it wants to tell us.


Ramon Zabala Garmendia

Followed the old tradition of making cider.

Modesto Zabala Manterola

Made the world of the cider, a life.

Ramón Zabala Mendizabal

Opened the door to the cider market.

Martin and Luis Zabala

They have given value to cider, and show customers the way of life and culture around cider

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To be able to understand the personality of our “sagardoa”, we should take into account certain conditions:

  • Ideal temperature for taste it – 12 degrees. 
  • Before to taste the “sagardoa” it is necessary to let it stand in a cool place, without temperature changes and, if possible, maintain it in the shadow. 
  • Before to open de bottle, it is better to shake it in order to enjoy the full taste of the “sagardoa”. 

That being said, it is time to describe the characteristics of our “sagardoa’s” personality: 

  • Balance between the nine types of apples that we use. 
  • Soft toasted colour, such as the alfalfa. 
  • Balance between taste and smell, both clean: apple from the beginning; sweet (not pungency) and dry. 

As soon as our “sagardoa” is out of the bottle it starts to talk to us. It is time to listen and to start a dialogue with it.



R. Zabala uses in a balanced way these nine types of apple: Urtebihandi, King apple, Blue apple, Goikoetxea, Pear apple, Partzuelo, Ikata, French apple, Moko apple. On our farm (baserri) we continuously take care of 8,000 apple trees. This is one of the manual works that we have been doing for the last 200 years of our craft history and we will keep doing it…

An artisan “sagardoa” takes a long process of twelve months according to the pace of the nature. During all that time we execute carefully a wide range of  jobs, one at the same time but following a well- marked rhythm.